1. Armando1969

    Z4 e89 N54 Downpipes with race-cats and silicone intakes.

    I want to take the next step in the tuning of the engine , but I have some limitations to do this. I live in the Netherlands, that means I can't eliminate the cats in the downpipes, because then the car will fail it's yearly inspection. But downpipes with race-cats are almost impossible to find...
  2. typedRew

    Secondary O2 sensors, tuned, still needed?

    On my last car, even though the 2nd cat codes were turned 'off' I needed the o2 sensor installed and plugged in to maintain proper fuel trims, not only did it need to be there but it could not be in a 'extended o2 tricker' housing. Had to be in the exhaust flow directly. I would get +12%-+18%...
  3. Czechmate

    FS A handful of performance stuff

    Quick and easy - Complete - and I mean complete - e92 black sport interior with aluminum trim and Logic 7 speakers-- $1200 Reason: gutting the car, trying to get a solid 1/4 mile time V1 Performance Steering Wheel with module, ect -- $480 SOLD! Reason: wasn't right feel for drag racing 034...
  4. RSicks

    FS N54 535i Performance Part Out

    I am parting out my '10 535i N54 before I trade her in. I have priced the items with shipping except the FMIC as I have no clue what shipping would be. I feel these are fair pricing to include shipping, but if you want to ask less - it would not include shipping. If you are relatively local to...
  5. bennythebimmer

    FS Leftover Parts from ST & DCT Projects - E82 N54 AT

    Over the past winter and recent months I went ST and did a DCT swap. I have lots of parts leftover that are for sale. I am going to use this post as my master list that I will keep updated as I sell this stuff. I am located in the Chicagoland area for those who can do local pickup. Otherwise...
  6. matreyia

    The Effect of Replacing O2 Sensors - Results

    Full FBO and MHD Wedge Tune. Was getting super duper shitty gas mileage - we talking 12mpg... Replaced all four o2 sensors and mileage shot back up like a rocket. Now 18-20 city and 23-24 highway. This is with down pipes. So if there is anyone who is wondering if changing o2 sensors after...
  7. X

    Road to FBO - N54

    Hey guys so I’m almost ready to go full bolt on. I got MHD, VRSF coated downpipes, VRSF 7” FMIC, DCI, and still on the market for a charge pipe and BOV. I don’t want to put anything together until I have all that I need and all proper maintenance to make sure no issues come down the line. My...
  8. M

    Slightly used DPs, charge pipe, BOV and FMIC

    looking for VRSF catless DPs, VRSF 7in FMIC, charge pipe and BOV. Give me a text at 267-374-6073
  9. B

    VRSF 07-11 N54 Down Pipes $225.00 Shipped

    Vrsf down pipes off my 2008 E93 with N54 In perfect shape. No dents or flange damage. Heat colored of course. $225.00 Shipped I live in Vancouver Canada. So I need a max of 2 weeks to make a trip across the border to ship. Text me @ Barry 604-561-5156
  10. Mike @ XPH

    PROMO VRSF N54 & N55 Downpipes Lowest Price + FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING - In Stock!! Why shop with us? Lowest Price Guarantee: We do our best to always have the lowest price on our website, but if you found an even lower price somewhere else let us know. We will match the other price and thrown in an extra $25 store credit towards your next purchase...