diverter valve

  1. B

    Possible DV Leak? Not meeting Load/Boost/MAF Targets

    Hello All! Fairly new to the BMW / MHD world but have quite a lot of experience tuning other platforms using the COBB AP. I recently got an MHD for my 2012 135i (DCT) and have been experimenting with the OTS tunes while I figure out self-tuning (amazing to find public XDF's for TunerPro, love...
  2. matreyia

    FS 2009 e93 335i Sport Package Parts for Sale

    All parts are from a 2009 e93 sport package car. All parts have normal (minimal) wear and tear cosmetic blemishes. Stock iDrive Controller $100 plus shipping Mfg#: 65829334613 Stock Heated Sport Steering Wheel (paddles not included - paddles required) $100 plus shipping (control buttons not...