1. Twilight0524

    E90 335i Differential Flange

    Hi yall, I recentely want to get a lsd for my car, but when I check realoem, seems like the input flange is different then the ones I found online, so I wonder did bmw use different flange during E90 production? Mine is 188 case automatic. The one I found on realoem: The pic of diff I found...
  2. matreyia

    Vibration upon Coasting

    Hey Everyone, I just developed a vibration when coasting from rear end. Tested in neutral and does it too. Applying brakes also has this sound. Basically anytime I decelerate in any manner it has this sound...see video to hear. Anyone had this before? I changed guibo in case that was the cause...
  3. mb21111

    FS E60/E61 Rear Differential 3.46

    I have a differential for sale for a 2008-2010 BMW 535XI. It's a 3.46 (automatic) with 100k on the diff. I purchased this differential and never used it last November, so it's still in the box all packaged up and ready to go. I can ship it but local pick-up would be considerably easier. 08-10...
  4. D

    335i Mfactory LSD

    Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone has notice if they have gotten a clunk when putting the car in gear and when changing gears, i also have a bms diff brace
  5. bennythebimmer

    FS Leftover Parts from ST & DCT Projects - E82 N54 AT

    Over the past winter and recent months I went ST and did a DCT swap. I have lots of parts leftover that are for sale. I am going to use this post as my master list that I will keep updated as I sell this stuff. I am located in the Chicagoland area for those who can do local pickup. Otherwise...
  6. johnybravo

    DCT(dkg) errors after m3 differential swap

    Hello guys! In 2 words: We swapped to 335i (n55 dct 2.56 differential) differential from m3 with 3.15. And now have errors with ABS and DCT. Did anyone found the solution for ratios in m3 diff or in DCT(DKG) software? Ore maybe you know Where we could find custom diff ratios for E92 M3...
  7. Cheezy

    E9X Future of Xdrive Drivetrain

    I often look to @Dave@Fuel-It! 's build for information, as well as seeking information found in @Twisted Tuning 's posts. As i explore the options of strengthening the driveline of my car to handle more power, sometimes im left with questions from ideas i know im not the only one asking. Ive...