1. GON55

    F22 DCT Auto swap to GS6-53bz 6 speed manual

    I have coverted my M2 from an DCT auto to a GS6-53BZ 6 speed Manual. I am yet to drive the car but have stuffed the centre bearing whilst on the dyno on low power. The drive shaft looks a little stretched so I assume it’s too short for the conversion? Has anyone else attempted a similiar...
  2. amg6975

    SOLD DONE: DCT Conversion Kit

    Hey everyone, same story as my other post, my N55 135 spun a rod bearing so I'm S65/M3 mechanical swapping it. I'm parting it all out now so there's no turning back. I figured I'd offer up all the components for a DCT swap as a package, since it's a popular thing here. I have to do a bit more...
  3. DirtKurt

    Long term 09 E92 build with DCT conversion

    What's up everyone, I'm currently collecting parts to convert my 2009 335i 6AT to DCT. I've been re searching for awhile and feel like I have a pretty good grasp on most of what's involved. Currently have on hand a 335is dct transmission out of a 2011 w/44k miles, the entire shifter assembly ...