1. E92_Amit

    CIC Combox Retrofit Harness

    Anyone selling, or know where I can get, a complete PnP combox retrofit harness for TCU only?
  2. rhodesman

    Help from someone with connected drive w/ RTTI

    Background: I'm working on a way to display waze live traffic data on the iDrive map by parsing the waze traffic data into the same format that BMW uses. I have everything working to grab the data from waze and parse the data into the protocol for BMW (TPEG tpegml (i.e. XML) format, FYI)...
  3. rhodesman

    Anyone thought of building a connected drive server?

    This may be a frivolous question/topic but I'm always looking for a fun new project to occupy my mind and considering BMW has discontinued the Connected Drive service to all us E-series chaps, I was wondering how possible it would be to stand up a server to continue the service outside of BMW...