1. apexraceparts

    Ad: JRZ RS Coilover Package Group Buy - Hosted by APEX

    After a lot of negotiations and work, we're proud to unveil an opportunity to save up to 20% off our premium E46 coilover packages. These are built with race-proven suspension components from JRZ, Ground Control and Hyperco. We offer various dampers, custom spring rates, and your choice of...
  2. zmon1300

    E9X Need help with alignment on a 335XI w/ kW v3, M3 RCA, Megan Racing Adjustable Rear Camber Arm

    Need help with some alignment specs. 2010 335XI lowered on KW v3. Just installed rear m3 control arms and Megan racing adjustable rear camber arms. What specs should I get the car aligned to? Shop did factory specs at first and the car was unbearable. Back end feels super wobbly and when doing a...
  3. V

    E9X Suspension squeaking over bumps

    So my rear suspension squeaks over speed bumps, potholes, etc. Yesterday we had a snowstorm in NY and I dug my car out from under 1.5 feet of snow... lo and behold it stopped squeaking. Update: humidity related, has nothing to do with the weight of the snow. A mechanic friend said the top hats...