1. Subwoofer

    E9X E93 best coilovers ?

    Hello all, First of all, the reason I specified the E93 is because as I'm sure you know it's heavier than an e90/92 so I'm already under the impression they need to be different. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I've been looking at the KW and it's looking quite nice. I'm looking for...
  2. apexraceparts

    Ad: JRZ RS Coilover Package Group Buy - Hosted by APEX

    After a lot of negotiations and work, we're proud to unveil an opportunity to save up to 20% off our premium E46 coilover packages. These are built with race-proven suspension components from JRZ, Ground Control and Hyperco. We offer various dampers, custom spring rates, and your choice of...
  3. A

    Fortune Auto 500 Install - DIY

    What's up everyone. I wound up getting rid of the air ride and as I am taking my car in a different direction. I went ahead and ordered some Fortune Auto 500 coils with 8k and 11k Swift Springs, locking collars, and radial bearings. Here is the first part of the video of me doing an unboxing...