1. Boorda

    IndiWork HD-Link IW04B-N Install Manual 2.3

    For CIC iDrive systems BMW iDrive System Types Download Manual Settop Navigation Parking Assist System Front-View Camera User Setting Mode Smartphone Wireless Mirroring Supports the BMW (4PIN ROUND LVDS) Provide the HDMI input (HDMI device), LVDS-NAVI(Digital) input (Settop...
  2. Boorda

    Car Information Computer (CIC) 09/08

  3. Boorda

    CIC Root Directory Question

    I keep seeing that the CIC Root directory files are Read-Only. Is this because of a Root password, or some other means of file locking? If it is a Root password, has anyone tried any of these methods to force Super User and set your own Root password? I'm still a nub in this arena, but had the...
  4. Boorda

    Generating FSC Codes for Custom Applications

    Ok, so I know there are tutorials out there on how to spoof VINs and generate FSC codes to unlock features on your own car, but those mean doing customization to the CIC. In this thread I would like to start the conversation on how to generate custom FSC codes to VIN lock custom applications...
  5. E92_Amit

    CIC Combox Retrofit Harness

    Anyone selling, or know where I can get, a complete PnP combox retrofit harness for TCU only?
  6. rhodesman

    Help from someone with connected drive w/ RTTI

    Background: I'm working on a way to display waze live traffic data on the iDrive map by parsing the waze traffic data into the same format that BMW uses. I have everything working to grab the data from waze and parse the data into the protocol for BMW (TPEG tpegml (i.e. XML) format, FYI)...