built motor

  1. S

    Looking for the best head studs for boost on a n54 . I’ll pass on Vargas looking for a big stud kit.

    Fully built motor just getting the last few pieces before I assemble it.
  2. Cornfed54

    SOLD Bare Closed Deck Block and used JE pistons $1200 shipped

    For sale is a nice closed deck bare block with closed deck insert done by Motiv. Includes used, custom stock compression JE pistons, approx 30k miles, with minor skirt scuffing and some pitting on the tops of 3 pistons. The block is in good shape, just needs a clean up hone and decked. I can...
  3. V

    DIY Independent Knock Feedback (Knock Ears)

    Here's a quick write-up on how to wire up a spare knock sensor to the block, so your tuner can listen for knock in real time (aka Knock Ears or Det Cans). This is mostly for the built motor peeps experiencing false knock, but could also be helpful for stock motor high power builds with a noisy...