1. N55vert

    Could I use top mount eu5 injectors on my n55 that has bottom mount eu5 injectors since they are still eu5

    So I have a BMW 2011 335i convertible. I got some leaky fuel injectors and I bought some top mount Eu5 injectors (not knowing) that my n55 engine has the bottom mount Eu5 injectors. Could I still use the top mount injectors since they are Eu5? -Left is bottom mount injector -Right is the...
  2. E

    FS (2/11~10/24) LEASE TRANSFER 2017 BMW M4 Coupe MGM/SS DCT $799/mo in Los Angeles, CA

    Hello, This is a lease transfer for the 2017 BMW M4 Coupe Mineral Gray Metallic with Silverstone Extended Merino Leather located in Arcadia, CA 91006 from 2/11 to 10/24! The car is in excellent condition and has only been driven for freeway commutes and was never tracked. It comes with...
  3. D

    Forward Facing

    Hi guys just wanted to share some pics of my forward facing e92 drag build project, looking to have it up and running shortly. It will be built motor running full standalone management system.