1. Boorda

    Broke my front axle and cracked my oil pan......

    So this was fun... Thought I had a leaking oil pan gasket, but it was far worse than I expected. Long story short, a few weeks back I hit a pothole which broke my front axle. Apparently it hit so hard that the front diff top mounting points fractured.
  2. bennythebimmer

    FS Leftover Parts from ST & DCT Projects - E82 N54 AT

    Over the past winter and recent months I went ST and did a DCT swap. I have lots of parts leftover that are for sale. I am going to use this post as my master list that I will keep updated as I sell this stuff. I am located in the Chicagoland area for those who can do local pickup. Otherwise...
  3. Cheezy

    E9X Future of Xdrive Drivetrain

    I often look to @Dave@Fuel-It! 's build for information, as well as seeking information found in @Twisted Tuning 's posts. As i explore the options of strengthening the driveline of my car to handle more power, sometimes im left with questions from ideas i know im not the only one asking. Ive...