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Hi there, I was wondering if you maybe still have QNX Keygen somewhere ( Qnx-6.3.0-Keygen.rar )
because the only link that I was able to find is here:

and it expired :(

So if you still have it somewhere, that would be great
Just upgraded from PTE 6466 to PTE GEN2 6870. Went to start her up and fried one of my mofsets in my DME , Injector#1. In the process of fixing now.
Hello Seb335i,

I am preparing an M57 and I am looking for rods, pistons, and forged valves. for the distribution chain, are there any reinforced ones?

Thank you in advance for your answer.
Take a look at Mahle Motorsport a german company
Thanks for your answer
I just looked, but I can't find a forged piston or connecting rod let alone valves for the M57
Hey there,
Saw an old post of yours, selling a M-Factory Diff? Do you still have it?

Thanks in advance,

Sold it months ago. Sorry bud.
Thank you for your time and consideration I've built my 08 335i myself and am a member of N54 tech etc.. but am super new to all of this and in desperate need of some guidance with Tuning adjustments I have many thousands of$ tied up into this build and need some simple guidance please.
[email protected]
This msg directed at Terry, please for the love of God or whatever your into contact me. I have thousands tied up in this build and am stuck. Running JB4/MHD backend stage 2+ with all BMS bolt on please help man.
2011 BMW 1M VO
MHD Stage 2+
Axleback exhaust
CDV delete
Aftermarket clutch
BMC filter Z4 airbox cover
Any chance you're still parting out your car? I hope I'm not too late to this opportunity.. I'm entirely interested in getting those injectors!
Hello, when you have the time to reply I’m hoping you could help me out!

I will be running JB4; I want to start running meth, is the BMS one better just due to the integrity?
I’ve been looking on the BMS website, but I can’t seem to find a suitable tank for a 335 in the boot?

With JB4 and the meth kit, is it going to be relatively easy to have MHD as well,

thanks once again,
I know I'm not who you were hoping for but I have the BMS kit set up in my 08 335i and it works beautifully
Came with 2.5 gallon and ran simple Aluminum straps around twice on the left corner of boot, pump is where the spare tire would go and takes up all the space. Just FYI bro hope it helps you in some way✌🥂
Hi Terry, just a quick one, looking to use your N54 manifold with my existing PI spacer so I can run PI fuel and meth(to allow me to ditch CPM). Have you run it with a spacer? If so which way round works best? Meth in spacer or fuel?


New member! I got an n54 07’335i
And I’m hoping you guys know about a rattle on the deceleration.. only on the startup when the engines warmed up it goes away.. I’m hoping it’s not the wastegate or valvetrain please reply if you know of this noise ty
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Also I got money saved up for major upgrades if y’all can drop me some tips on what intake/exhaust/chip/ hpfp or alternative/injectors/ single turbo or what??what else should I do?? Accepting any advice thanks for your time!
Feel free to post a thread in the Troubleshooting section inside the N54 forum and someone should be able to check it out :)
Yes that noise you described on start up and on decel is most likely wastegate rattle. Very common and exactly how you described. Sorry bud definitely time for turbos 😔