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Oct 25, 2022
Could be a number of reason why the car doesn't run right. Plugs, coils, injectors. Agree RFP has a sketchy past trying to give away free OTS maps when they were really my hacked v6 MHD OTS maps... All in the name of trying to build his reputation. Water under the bridge today.

It's possible it's tune related, but I would need to see a log. Post a log to and email me the URL link for the graph to [email protected] so I can review it and provide my 2 cents. Also include a screen shot of the active codes you currently have. Hopefully he's not out too much $ and it's a simple fix.
I sent a screenshot of this to my bf and i think he just emailed you a log? idk lol but he's getting codes for crankshaft and camshaft