E9X Rear end alignment problems


Oct 4, 2020
Hey guys my e92 335i is having problems getting the rear alignment in spec. The shop my friend works at showed me under the car what was happening, the rear lower control arm (spring perch) adjustment bolt can’t turn enough to set within OE spec and turning it past a certain point makes the camber jump back to way out of line. It started at -2.87 on passenger side and -1.9 on driver side, lowest we got pass. Side to was -1.64/-1.1 driver side and then it would jump back to near starting point like nothing happened .

I was told to replace said rear lower control arm and adjustment bolts same with rear toe arms, what I’m wondering is do I need to replace the actual lower control arm to get my rear alignment back in spec or just replace the hardware and bushings? I should note upper control arms and trailing arms are already new. Any info or help would me much appreciated!! Thanks guys


Jul 18, 2018
09 335i
First off, the behavior you're describing is how an eccentric bolt works. If your alignment person doesn't know that you need to find a new person.

Is your car lowered? If so, you you may not be able to get factory spec. I would just make sure both sides are even. So like -1.65 on both sides. If you want less than that you'd need adjustable upper arms.