Ad: **NEW** FOR 2018 VARGAS VTT N54 GC LITE **2.0** N54 Turbos - 10% OFF SALE!!!

Nov 16, 2016
Toronto, Canada

N54 "GC LITE 2.0" Stock Location Turbochargers (Fits All N54 Models)
Product Code: VTT-GCLITE-1


WHP Level supported (with proper fuel, upgrades, and tuning) Stock-700WHP
All New design for 2018! We are proud to introduce the latest in our line of N54 turbocharger products the VTT "GC LITE" 2.0 turbochargers. This is a new N54 turbocharger from the ground up, using 100% new parts throughout. Taking a page from our wildly successful GC line of N54 turbos we now off the "GC LITE". This turbocharges uses a high flow 9 blade TD04L turbine coupled with a 16T billet compressor wheel for flow capability of 700WHP. This allows spool faster than anything else on the market, rivaling the spool of stock N54 turbochargers, and comes with massive power potential. If the ultimate driveability is what you are after, without sacrificing top end power. The " GC LITES" are the upgrade for you!

Some of the groundbreaking features are fully new turbocharger from the compressor housing to the bearing housing, to the turbine housing, we had them engineered to fit in the stock N54 location, but provide the full flow of a much larger turbo. Every part on these turbos were designed around our specific goals for power, flow, and reliability. What we ended up with is a turbocharger, that can utilize the stock location while providing enough flow for 700WHP. To do this we increase the area inside not only the manifolds, but also the turbine, and compressor housings, we also slightly increase AR ratio on the turbine housing to free up even more flow, while not giving up anything in spool. To put it bluntly, there is no other 700WHP capable turbocharger option on the market single or twins that can match the spool, ease of fitment, power or reliability of our "GC LITE" turbochargers!


Upgraded thrust: Every set of stage GC turbos comes with a performance upgraded thrust to extend the life of the turbochargers.

Billet Compressor wheels: 16T Billet compressor wheels are used to maximize flow per shaft revolution

Turbine housing is cast from 22+NB Stainless steel

VTT Inlet, AN/OR Charge pipe bundle. The GC turbochargers work perfectly with our very own VTT 2" inlets, and VTT silicone HOT SIDE charge pipe, and were designed to be used with these pieces. If you already have inlets, or want to use another inlet brand that is no problem, simply do not add them to the drop down. These turbochargers will only work with our silicone charge pipes currently, if you have already purchased one for you stock frame turbos, it can be reused on these if you remove the adapters, simply remove the charge pipe from the options. (Please note, if you remove these options, and do not have these items, you will not be able to install the turbos, as the stock inlets, or charge pipe will not fit the new turbos)