My 2011 X5 D story

X5 diesel meister

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Jan 21, 2021
I picked up my 2011 X5 D used with about 100k on the clock from a dealer in Costa Mesa. Almost immediately my DPF failed and started chasing emission issues until finally one night while driving in a rain storm my engine failed, snapped the timing chain, maybe water in the diesel and hyper lock hpfp? I decided to pick up a low mileage engine out of a 335D and and transfer my timing cover since I planned on replacing chain and guides and tensioners as a precaution. Decided to do the alphabet soup delete and stripped away everything pertaining to that for a massive weight and space saving. R90 hpfp, swirls, Dpf,scr, rawtech exhaust, dud md 2.5 tune. I love the power and the fantastic fuel economy.
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