M4 First track outing


Dec 14, 2016
Hudson, WI
A friend put together a private event at a local drag strip, and after not being at the track since 2005 or thereabouts I took my "tastefully modified" M4 to the event. Some pretty cool cars - the organizer brought his McLaren 12c, a Lambo P610-4 arrived on a trailer along with a pimped out Hellcat & a monster GT-R, an 800+ hp Subaru STI, and then the rest of us. :) The most consistent car of the day was a bone stock VW Jetta.

The track prep was non-existent early on, everyone ( except the AWD Lambo & GT-R ) spun and spun and spun. Over the lunch break they prepped the track for the Test & Tune which followed our private rental. Once the 'glue' was down, cars started hooking up. I was running mid 120s at 12 & 13 seconds prior to the sticky, the car spun and spun and spun. I had a best of 11.68 @ 131.9, worthy of a big smile but still had a bunch of wheel spin. With some drag radials/etc and a good launch I could see a couple more MPH, and much better than my best 2.2 second 60 foot time. Playing with tire pressure really didn't help with the spin.

BMW launch control is pretty sweet - I'd not used it prior to last weekend, after a couple launches I was getting decent 'reaction time' on the time slips - like 0.13 seconds (once). šŸ‘

We're hoping to do another event in a month or so, in the interim I'm going to find some drag radials & spare rear wheels to mount them on, then go practice with launch control some more. I'm currently on 305 wide PS4 S's, which are great tires - just not track tires.


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