BOV Adapter incompatible with RB OCC 6AN


Oct 28, 2017
Monroe CT
09 335i msport le mans 18 x5
Why in the world are people still talking about the hose line diameter? The purpose of this thread was to inform the consumers that the kit is not compatible with the RB OCC hose with is 3/8" (6AN). This was not advertised with the product and I found out after it arrived, that is why I posted this to let everyone know in case they were expecting it to be compatible.

Yes, this kit has a plastic line that is the same ID as the TiAL nipple ID.
No, the plastic line is not as big as the 6mm line that I have.
Yes, the plastic line works fine if you want to use it.

End of story.
Cause some may want to know if their 4mm line is plenty or if their is a benefit to going to the 6mm line that's all.