3000 RPM issue


Feb 19, 2018
2012 335is

I've had this issue pop up and go away on it's own and I want to have it resolved before I make an attempt to sell the car this year or the next. The car is a 335IS with DCT, tuned by V8bait, Pure 600 turbos, TFT inlet/charge pipe, VRSF DPs, stage 2 intercooler, stage 2 lpfp, PR coils, N20 tmap, 1 or 2 step colder plugs - can't recall.

The issue pops up as I'm approaching 3,000 rpm, regardless if I'm leisurely or moderately accelerating. I can't tell if it happens if I'm aggressively accelerating. When I get to that range, the engine momentarily losses a little power as it goes through the range. Another way to describe it would be as if I lightly let off the gas a little as it continues to accelerate. If I stay there, the engine shudders as if I'm very rapidly pressing the gas and letting it go or as if it's misfiring. It ONLY happens in that range. The only code I've had is 2AAF, but logs don't show any issues and I understand that it's just a phantom code on it's own.

My question is, what is going on engine-wise at 3000 rpm? Is VANOS advancing the cam at that rpm, regardless of how soft or aggressive I'm accelerating? Is it something else?

Thanks in advance.
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