2020 BMW G80 M3 Cold Weather Testing

The upcoming BMW G80 M3 has once again been seen doing cold weather testing and this time it has dropped a little bit of camo off the top.

The M3 is expected to start production in 2020 and will come in three performance levels: Pure (444hp), Base (475hp), Competition (500hp). Some versions such (Perhaps Pure?) will have RWD and some will be available with xDrive. Both manual and automatic transmission will be available, but to what degree we are unsure.

Hopefully the first public debut will be at IAA in Frankfurt in September.


Oct 18, 2016
Why they use snow testing ?
There are a lot of things to test in the snow, like engine performance, traction control and handling, but also to make sure all the exterior components hold up against the elements.

They monitor a lot of values and they are known to add little things like heaters to the PCV system to prevent too much cold air from causing icing and a lot of little things like that.
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