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Tax refund plans!?

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by [email protected], Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Anyone here devoting some of their tax refund to their cars?

    I have thought about the following:
    Downpipes + Install (not doing it I have an xi )
    Wrap + Rims

    Let me know what you guys are planning!
  2. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning Lieutenant Vendor

    i actually haven't even thought about a Tax refund, haha. but more than likely it will go towards new/more tooling and etc.
  3. about 90% sure I'm going to atleast get DPs installed but, debating on what all else.
  4. Sshec152

    Sshec152 Corporal

    Ive had my eye on the ad-e 8.8 kit since it was released, if not that i have a few rifles I've been wanting to buy.
  5. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I think the best part about the 8.8 is that you don't have to worry about the bolted diff stuff anymore. The pumpkin is replaced and none of that matters anymore, plus you get a range of ratios to choose from, the thing is ridiculously strong at the same time. Something like a transmission, I'm a bit more sensitive about remaining stock-like for driveability reasons. But axles, rear diff, driveline etc doesn't really matter what brand IMO.
  6. Sshec152

    Sshec152 Corporal

    I already have a big bolted diff in the rear with and mfactory helical lsd and mfactory sport axles, but i plan on drag racing a lot and putting a 4l80e in when i get the funds, so the 8.8 will be needed anyways. Once i sell my rear and axles, the 8.8 swap ends up being a lot less than 3k
  7. Xi so no 8.8 for me. I want some arc 8s and summer tires, but as of yet idek if I'm going to put the tune back on my car until winter's over. I have the cash for a 7" hd core if I don't win the raffle, that's my January plans.
  8. Hopefully have enough extra money to pick up a turbo e36 m3. 335i as the daily and the m3 as the weekend warrior
  9. I'm starting to lean more towards new rims and summer tires to be honest. Thought about the wrap a lot but... meh maybe once the paint fades more as I really do like my paint (Platinum Bronze metallic)
  10. That colors dope, I have Alpine White and I want to wrap the roof gloss black because that's the typical thing to do. I just wanted lighter wheels for the 1/4 but whatever weight I save in wheels I'm going to add in tires
  11. Sshec152

    Sshec152 Corporal

    What wheels and tires are you planning on putting on? Any pics of the car?
  12. IMG_20161223_131708_zpsddadfwlv.jpg

    Day before Christmas Eve.. Was Detailing :)
  13. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    On3 kit
  14. Any pics of your ride? :D
  15. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    20160908_162345.jpg Here's an older pic since winter mode isn't picture worthy, even though I just sold these wheels to go a more functional route.
  16. She is beautiful man! Love the rims.

    How long you had her?
  17. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    Thanks man, year and a half now but hopefully for a lot longer
  18. It's all about taking care of it! I know someone on another forum that has a 2009 335i FBO with 300k miles on it... Still going.
  19. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    Wowww thats a lot lol, im at 155k fbo and about to go single so we'll see!
  20. Nice! What all mods have you done and what all maintenance \ preventive maintenance, do you normally do?