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911 GT3 RS vs 325

Discussion in 'Racing - Kills Discussion' started by doublespaces, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i

    M50B28 fully built
    PT6765 turbo
    Autronic SM4 ECU
    active 4WD.
  2. sirdaft1

    sirdaft1 Private

    Insane what you can do with an e30!
  3. Aaron

    Aaron Sergeant

    Silver 2013 335is 6MT
    Jesus, did anyone else notice how insanely fast the windows on the 911 looked? We used to do power window races in high school, and I bet that thing would dominate.
  4. John@DBV2

    [email protected] Corporal Vendor

    Haha power window races Love it
  5. Cjdzombie

    Cjdzombie Specialist

    2011 335i xDrive M-Sport
  6. That'd be a fun daily sleeper :cool:
  7. That's insane! But real talk...I'd still probably sell my soul for a GT3 RS
  8. COTT3series

    COTT3series Private

    2008 BMW 535xi, 2007 BMW 335i.
    I'd like to see that car go up against that E30 M3 with the TTLS1
  9. Danksies

    Danksies Corporal

    you can tell that e30 force feeds some humble pie to every sports car he sees. the gt3 copilot talking so much smack, and the e30 driver is all "meh" lol.