711 whp n54 Mmp Turbos Vs 773 whp M6

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  1. worlds fastest stock turbo M6 @200m6h
    773 whp 857 wtq
    Worlds fastest Mmp stage 3 N54 @Diegopiedra
    711 whp 644 wtq

    1500hp run. Clash of the Titans! Both cars were dead even up to 175 miles per hour. Sick runs.
  2. doublespaces

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    2009 E93 335i
    Fast cars
  3. Sweet runs!
  4. ATL-IS-N54

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    Damn right !
  5. Extremely intense video this just proves the N54 is no engine to sneeze at. The Torque difference didn't even matter.. Kept its speed strong without 200 more torque.
  6. ATL-IS-N54

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    How can I link this vid to friends NOT on the forum? Is there a URL someone can post?
  7. You could message them directly with the video details. The video function (Same thing you'd do on a thread) should also be there in messaging
  8. I know that stretch...decent road there. Good race!
  9. mikednjbmw

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  10. goodness gracious, that n54 held it own that's for sure!
  11. Thanks man!
  12. Go on my Instagram and copy the URL.
  13. @Diegopiedra

    I do have to say you have one SICK build man!
  14. doublespaces

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    2009 E93 335i
    Are they unable to view the video?
  15. ATL-IS-N54

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    I figured it out... Idk why I BRain farted so bad... And stinky too