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  1. Zefuhrer
    Zefuhrer Sharp
    Email me @ [email protected] please. Interested in sheet metal n54 manifold
    1. doublespaces
      For future reference, you can click on their name and select start a conversation(PM). Or from their profile page, you can click the Information tab and click start a conversation from there. This is a profile post and everyone can see your email address :/
      Jul 8, 2017
  2. pranadude
  3. Jorge335i
    Project 335i convertible single turbo.
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    2. doublespaces
      Where is that thread!
      Jun 17, 2017
  4. jl79
    07 335i e90 owner here from Sydney Australia
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    2. doublespaces
    3. Derek@MoorePerformance
    4. jl79
      Thanks guys. It's got ER charge pipe 50mm tial bov, AR catless dp, helix IC, wavetrac lsd and bc racing coilovers, M3 subframe bushes and control arms, meyle hd tie rods, 19" Forgestar F14, JB4 mhd bef.
      Jun 22, 2017
  5. bshotts
    bshotts Andy
    Sick E90 M sport. What's your front lip setup homie?
    1. Andy
      VD lip and LTMW CF splitter.
      Jun 9, 2017
  6. Andy
    sup hoes
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  7. don detta
  8. doublespaces
    1000 members! Woot
  9. Paul335i
    Any good upgraded auto transmission??
    1. Jsherry20
      Get the XHP flash tool and contact propulsive dynamics, there is another company floating around here as well but the name is slipping my mind.
      Jun 1, 2017
  10. Paul335i
    Who's ready for bimmer fest in California??? I know I am lol
  11. Paul335i
    Stock twin turbos,stage2 LPFP ,Port injection, 7" intercooler , intakes, charge pipe with HKS Bov fully tuned 22psi of boost on fully E85
  12. Paul335i
    New to the forum but I drive a 2008 BMW 335i convertible E93
  13. Paul335i
    It doesn't matter you win by a inch or a mile wining is wining
  14. Paul335i
    Chasing is racing lol
  15. jjbmuu
    If you aint spinnin' you aint winnin'!
  16. LCThoma$
    Check out our page BMW 335I JB4 MHD on facebook if you are bored
  17. JakeLangbecker
    New to the forum! 2007 e92 335i. ARM charge pipe with Tial BOV, ARM FMIC, DCI, 2.5 de catted downpipes, MHD Stage 2+. Loads of 30FF
  18. camberadam
    Stupid rain...
  19. Derek@MoorePerformance
  20. Rygart
    Rygart Joe
    Hi Joe, did u get final result yet for tunning 335 yet?
    1. Joe
      Not yet. Car was shipped out to MOTIV on the east coast for a few more big changes and final tuning.
      Apr 26, 2017