Another 6at to dct conversion

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What's up everyone, I'm currently collecting parts to convert my 2009 335i 6AT to DCT. I've been re searching for awhile and feel like I have a pretty good grasp on most of what's involved.
Currently have on hand a 335is dct transmission out of a 2011...

6HP28 Swap mated to N54

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After many years of speculation, a 6HP28 has successfully been swapped in place of a 6HP21. There have been countless times this idea was brought up, only to be shot down as a stupid idea because the TCU was always locked down. Once XHP Flashtool came...

N54 DCT w/M3 Conversion

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This conversion requires expert knowledge of module coding and flashing. It will include the requirements to spoof an M3 Vehicle Order inside NCS Expert to allow NCS Expert to code certain modules correctly without modifying...