N54 6266 dyno at 809whp (796 SAE)

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With a new fuel system, maintenance, other odds and ends taken care of I went back to the dyno and sent it again. Boost only on pump E85, no other power adders were used.

I believe this is a new horsepower record for the fairly common N54 6266...

2020 BMW G80 M3 Cold Weather Testing

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The upcoming BMW G80 M3 has once again been seen doing cold weather testing and this time it has dropped a little bit of camo off the top.

The M3 is expected to start production in 2020 and will come in three performance levels: Pure (444hp)...

GR Supra, return of the RZ

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If you remember the GZ, RZ and SZ, then the new Japanese spec trim levels on the A90 GR Supra will be familiar: RZ, SZ-R and SZ. Previously, the GZ was the full optioned version of the RZ twin turbo model while the SZ-R was the fully optioned...

Öhlins Technology

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Of course we get asked all the time... Why Öhlins? So we put together an ever evolving "Technical Guide" to help demonstrate what sets Öhlins apart. We will keep this thread updated as time goes on but you can also find this guide on our site as...

N54 Dual HPFP

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There has been a bit of forum talk recently of a few different HPFP solutions for the N54 cars so I thought I would give a brief intro into a new possibility -

The dual piston style pumps you see here are on my Z4 . So far, development has gone...