1992 Miata receives BMW M4 DCT swap

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This very first test is with very low boost, and a "soft" shifting setup.Running a DKGECU trans controller to control the gearbox in this old car.
Just wanted to share in case you guys find it interesting :)

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Procharged ls e90

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Long time reader, new to the whole write-up thing so take it easy on me. Many of you already know my car, it has had many setups and combos on it and is one of 4 in the 9 second club, previous build was a Ali Barakat built/David Shoup tuned n54...

My SpeedTech 6266 Gen2 N54 Z4 build...

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Hello everyone... I just wanted to share my build that is still a work in progress. Opinions are welcome and I hope I can get a few questions answered in the process ;)
I'm starting to get excited because its almost ready to run again after being...

900 HP Club - N54

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To maintain credibility and comparability this is an Inertia Dynojet chassis dyno only thread.

All submissions must be:
  • Dynojet Inertia-based
  • SAE correction and Smoothing 5 (STD X 0.97)
  • 4th gear (Specify transmission type)...

Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V

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To my delight, Cadillac is adopting to friendly branding scheme, enter the CT4-V and CT5-V. The CT4-V has a 320 hp 2.7L twin turbo-four with 3 step sliding camshaft, LSD and mag ride 4.0. The CT5-V has a 355 hp twin turbo 3.0L V6.

Both versions...