Speedtech Twin Scroll N54 bottom mount kit Released


Nov 5, 2016
San Diego, CA
The most exciting development for the N5x platform in a long time, IMO. I'm on my second N54, still on stock twins running FBO and 100% E85 currently. I may try to kill them to upgrade to this, lol. I was considering getting a GT-R in the next year but this has piqued my interest for sure and my delay things for a bit.
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Dec 7, 2016
St. Louis, MO USA
@[email protected] what's a rebuild on stockers go for these days? Also any opinions on longevity one might expect on a FBO 400-ish WHP kind of setup? Assume a few hundred extra for things that one refreshes on the reassembly ...

BTW looks like you've been doing well on the maintenance.

We sell the RB OEM's for $999 plus refundable core plus shipping in complete form (cheaper CHRA DIY offerings are also available). They have been basically bulletproof since intro 11/2016 with north of 300 sets sold (including the RB OEM/RB OEM Billets complete AND the Do-It-Yourself/DIY CHRA's).

To date we have only seen 2 sets of all the above offerings come back (both the risky to sell DIY setups) with customer issues as the cause. All in all great product, very reliable, and cheap; not often do you get all of those wrapped up in one. We assume many push these hard, some harder than others; but we recommend the RB OEM's for up to 400whp and RB OEM Billets for up to 425whp. Beyond these goals and if efficiency/longevity is of any concern, it is just time to buy a larger setup (despite what one may read on the internet).

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Jul 26, 2018
Finished the install of my kit. Like a lot of people have said fitment is really tight. I wish o2 heat sinks fit on this kit but Jeff told me they might make a batch of heat sinks to fit the manifold so hoping that happens.

Waited a little less than 2 months delivered to my door but Jeff’s customer service is amazing. Answered all my emails even though some of them were just badgering him on when the kit would ship.


Jan 29, 2018
Making the mounting holes wider, and adding 3-4 copper washers let me use both bolts on the expansion tank and the fitting is now above the outlet, if anyone else ran into that :)
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Feb 1, 2018
Bakersfield, CA
Just about finished with mine. Started her up to check for leaks and moving onto installing subframe. I did have some small issues along the way but nothing terrible. Will provide more details when I get time on my computer.

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Few more pics it’s just hanging in there everything still loose motor not mounted! So far everything fits nicely! But again nothing really tight yet so we will see what tomorrow brings!!! Enjoy the pic guys and gals...

Btw I did not take out subframe or V-brace install instructions says take out subframe pre-assemble turbo and manifold! To much work lol ;)
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Where can i buy that oil drain block?