Pure Stg2 335xi put a hurting on my ego!


Apr 24, 2017

Its a shakedown trailer vid. I finally dumped my manual boost controller and he's working out the kinks in his new trans flash. We weren't going to run but when we ended up in the same strip mall coincidentally on a saturday night with decent chicago weather, we both knew it was gonna go down! :D

I knew those Pure Stage 2 turbo cars were quick but his being an auto, the way he reeled me in up top in the 2nd run caught me by surprise. Granted im running less boost then when I raced the c6z06 but still..! As stated, im working thru just optimizing my setup one by one and I'm at the last few steps. Should be a good run when we both go at it again next time!


Nov 3, 2016
21psi Isn't even openingup the potential of those Stage 2's. open those puppies up and scream.

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