(Canceled) Twisted Tuning Dyno Day - April 29th, 2017 - Spring Kick off!!!!

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Twisted Tuning

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Oct 25, 2016
New York
I've had several people approach me about the possibility of hosting a Dyno day. So in Twisted Tuning fashion we listen and try to make things happen. So we are hosting a Dyno Day at our Partner Shop Powerplant Motorsports in New Milford, CT. Plenty of parking and easy to get to.

Date is currently up in the air but we are going to shoot for mid-spring for this to happen. So looking at possibly mid April or so. That should give all you powerheads time to get your rides right. Still early in the planning phase for this, so will have more info in the coming weeks ,but thinking about making it like a mini meet/dyno day type of deal with music and maybe food. Maybe even a giveaway for the owner with the highest performing car of the day.

Going to open 10 slots for the dyno right now. This is a no-tuning, run what you brung type of deal that way we have time to let everyone get their runs in. Price is $80 for 3 pulls with printout to take home.

Dyno is an AWD Mustang Dyno, so if you're looking for inflated Dynojet numbers, this is probably not dyno you want to run on. But you will get more real world numbers here.

http://i1383.photobucket.com/albums/ah316/twistedtuning/Mobile Uploads/IMG_20170110_191425_621_zpsuvpzbwmr.jpg [/IMG]

HOST: Twisted Tuning/Powerplant Motorsports
DATE: April 29th, 2017
LOCATION: 571 Danbury Hwy, New Milford, CT
PRICE: $80 for 3 pulls with printout

Those interested in going and getting on the dyno please post as such. All are welcome to come, but right now only 10 slots for getting on the Dyno.


1. Nick Das - 335i
2. Ray C. - 1M
3. JSans - (maybe)
4. DBX73 - 135i
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Apr 12, 2017
I'm in for a meet up plus Dyno Runs.. GTA make sure I'll make it though bc of work. What time are you planning starting?

How about some remote tuning beforehand and a few tuning tweaks in-between the Dyno Runs?!?
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