BM3 OTS E30 dyno


Nov 5, 2016
Got the car on the dyno today to check out the off the shelf BM3 e30 map.

Car is a 2017 M140i, manual gearbox.
Engine mods
-BCS 100 cell catted downpipe
-K&N Drop in Filter with hot climate intake duct
-NGK spark plugs gapped down to 0.022”
Fuel is ~30% ethanol mixed with 98 ron.
Tune is BM3 OTS E30 stage 2

Car has been on this dyno twice before.

Visit 1 car was stock including downpipe.
Stock: 307whp
Mission Performance Stage 2 tune: 391whp

Visit 2 was after the down pipe was installed.
MP stage 2 with DP: 401whp

Visit 3 was today
BM3 e30 tune: 426whp

Runs today and visit 2 were done in 5th gear. Unfortunately the runs on visit 1 were done in 4th gear so the graphs don’t overlay nicely.
I’ve overlayed the MP stage 2 tune (98ron) for comparison.
BM3 made 25 hp more on lower boost (MP:22psi, BM3:16psi) and held power better to redline.
Happy with that.

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