335xi (awd) front control arm bushings


Sep 13, 2018
Does anyone know of any good urethane front control arm bushing upgrades for the xi? I remember the difference when using the m3 control arms on my old red 335i and turn in and steering response was crisp.


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Jun 3, 2017
there's a company in the UK that makes two durometer poly options. Strongflex is the name.

I'm currently exploring options for a split shell rubber bushing.
FCP sells this tool.

but nobody knows what it does or how it works. I bought it with regular lemforder OE bushings, and in trying to figure out instructions for the wierd band clamp thing came acorss this:

CTA sent me that. It must be who makes it for them.

this is a screengrab from 90 seconds in

I've gotten with FCP and they're going to try and track down that split shell solid rubber bushing.
this may be a similar to M3 kind of upgrade for the AWD cars.
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Jun 3, 2017
the leading guess is that's an M3 bushing.
but I found someone with an e84 XI that says you have to take off about 5mm each side for the M3 bushing to fit in the XI control arm pocket.

I'm trying to get atual dimensions. Figure out what bushing that is and bam, we all get rid of this junk ass hydrobearing and go to rubber.