2018 Infinity QX50 Variable Compression Engine

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Oct 18, 2016
This will be the first production engine which features a variable compression ratio. Producing 268hp, it can infinitely vary between 8.0:1 and 14.0:1 depending on the situation over a period of 1.5 seconds. Low compression when performance and higher boost is needed and a higher compression when cruising and conditions for economy are optimal.
Paired with a CVT this should be a very efficient SUV. Look for it this fall starting at $37,000

More Coverage: http://www.caranddriver.com/features/the-2018-infiniti-qx50-is-a-car-worth-waiting-for-feature


Nov 6, 2016
Las Vegas
The ingenuity nowadays is very impressive. I swear we are getting closer and closer to a day where the Toyota Yaris is gonna have 300hp stock and still get 35 mpg.


Nov 24, 2017
All these complex tricks to get more energy out of the fossel fuels contrasts so sharpely with the simplicity of the electric cars.

I have totally adopted electric for all my lawn tools and I love it. Lawn mower, headge trimmer, weed eater, blower....

I just move the battery from tool to tool. No more smelling like exhaust from the crappy 2 cycles. No more winterizations, no more pissed off because it won't start....

All that said.... That is pretty cool!
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Apr 5, 2017
2 cycles? What is that? Even my weed wacker is a 4 cylce engine! I do agree with not smelling like gas and exhaust, but battery power is always frustrating since you have to put a large initial investment up front to have enough spares. With gas,just add more. With electric, you better have a spare battery or you're gonna be done for a few hours.

I disagree that we shouldn't embrace some of these new technologies. More complex? Sure, but so is direct injection and twin turbos compared to a 1960s SBC. We should all go back to double barrel carbs and mechanical advance if we want to keep it simple. Sometimes complexity has benefits.


Aug 21, 2017
There is a balance with complexity and benefit, and just personal preference. Its good to have options.