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    S55/N55 head studs

    But for the n54, are they all 11, or 11mm+9mm, full length or .5" too short that'll RIP out of the block? Sorry for thread jack.
  2. DCook

    E8X 600+HP Tire/Wheel Options ?

    I daily the same as noorj, federal 595s, same size. Mine doesnt spin, antilag 33lbs in 2nd, she dead hooks and goes. Yeah theres tire noise, but you get use to it after a while its not even there. Especially if your cars running poly mounts, etc. The price of tire vs the quality is pretty damn...
  3. DCook

    Best N54 Tuner

    Dont feel bad, many moons ago when i first went single, i paid, got one revision, had issues with the aic6 on my end, got it fixed, and never heard anything back at all. I just cut my losses on the money, and went to wedge. Ive just never said anything about it to twisted. Wedge is on vacation...
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    Single Turbo Boost Control Options

    GForce 3 boost controller w/ aem wideband safety. Had some issues with the boostbox, and lost a motor from overboosting without knowing ripping a rod in half and installed a nice window on both sides and the pan. All the safety's and overboost control the gfb3 offer are nice to have. Would...
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    Manual 135i Runs a 10 Second 1/4 Mile Pass @ 136mph!

    Did you go through and lower your shift millisecond in the wotbox? I had to slowly lower mine as i was too quick on shifts, if not itll still delay even if the clutch is out and you're ready to go. Wasnt sure if you knew or not!
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    June 2019 update: Maintaining a 600awhp 335xi Pure Stage 2 - Long term

    While this is true, my manual trans is shot lol. And unsure where to get parts if its cheaper to fix vs low mileage unit. Unless you got connections lol
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    Show off your single turbo engine bay

    N55 kit! Definitely keeps away from the heat!
  8. DCook

    XClutch Twin Disk - Group Buy Feeler

    Honestly i can't give you an definitive answer on that. I did my poly mounts at the same time i believe. Sorry i cant be of much help on that. But definitely added overall. I think its because its solid mounted, and travels through the linkage, and the old had rubber on the factory shift arm for...
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    XClutch Twin Disk - Group Buy Feeler

    Only because i have poly everything. At least thats my assumption. It doesn't bother me any. I'll accept nvh, as long as it rips, and stays a nasty 40 roll car. But my preference is different than most lol.
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    XClutch Twin Disk - Group Buy Feeler

    Other than the stupid 1-2 lockout and sometimes 3-4 lockout ( trans issue ) i love it. Shifts are direct, crisp and short. Id reccomend if you do a lot of roll racing or drag racing.
  11. DCook

    XClutch Twin Disk - Group Buy Feeler

    Irp is what I've got, from ecstuning. Docrace sells the rtd. Irp isnt self centering though, like the rtd. Not that it matters as the the trans self center's anyway.
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    XClutch Twin Disk - Group Buy Feeler

    Trans fluid, rtd/irp shifter & dssr, shifter joint, while you're there.
  13. DCook

    Show off your single turbo engine bay

    Its not much, but it gets the job done!
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    XClutch Twin Disk - Group Buy Feeler

    Got my organic in, put maybe 10 miles on it, and my bank 1 o2 crapped itself. Go figure. Fix two things, another breaks! But i have to say, compared to what im use to, i love this clutch. Its super easy to slip and takeoff, its pretty quiet other than clutch in, but who cares. I can takeoff...
  15. DCook

    XClutch Twin Disk - Group Buy Feeler

    Better off pm'ing. I had too. Edit: apparently didnt ship, argh. Wrong tracking number.